Client Installations

See a selection of our antique floors in their new locations, sent to us by our customers around the world.

The floors, in a classical French damier, were manufactured by Gare de Douzies Maubeuge and Ceramiques de Douvrin; the larger, in the kitchen area.

Square ceramic tiles of a thistle theme and with complimentary same size border tiles.

Hand-made and in a palette of pink, green and caramel on an off-white slip, the design is indulgent and fluid but beautifully complimentary of the glazed white tile walls.

We'll let the article and photographs speak for themselves!

In this Oxfordshire toilet an early 20th century floral themed ceramic has been laid with a strong, geometric border tile.

The ceramic encaustic tiles, consisting of its main field tile and lozenge themed borders framing the floor.

The full size and half size borders provide not only a practical solution for a working chimney but have also created a unique, complimentary and beautiful feature.

The final result? A bathroom that transcends just functionality to become something unique and exceptional, a place to linger and indulge.

The field tiles are pure and strongly navigational while the elegant, flowing back to back borders help anchor the room and frames the area superbly.

One floor has been laid in the bathroom, where the period floor and antique fixtures along with a modern sheet glass walk in shower and white metro tiles all harmonise perfectly.

Two carreaux de ciments floors of handmade cured tiles have been relaid in a large bathroom and adjoining toilet and a handmade Boch Freres ceramic encaustic tile.

The fit is perfect, with the borders laid as a double lay, beautifully framing the alternating motif field tiles.

We were delighted to supply a large antique ceramic floor for this impressive Georgian pile, Ardington Hall in Oxfordshire, England.

Using two field tiles, a motif and a plain, it is beautifully framed by its original borders before giving way to a larger plain modern ceramic.

The lozenge borders, which frame a classically tessellating field tile, have been used to full effect tracing around the kitchen furnishings and Aga.

The 15m2 floor, produced by Gilliot Hemiksem of Belgium in the early part of the last century, has been laid in the kitchen and adjoining hallway.

The same size and half size border tiles have been effectively laid in two areas of the bathroom as internal frames, anchoring the period cast iron bath and sink as well as the shower.

Framed in a light hardwood, as a carpet style feature, it not only provides a great sense of navigation but is also a low maintenance solution.

We supplied not only the antique tiles but the recommended layout and technical floor plan for the tiler to interpret our recommendation.

We have been privileged to work with this client for several years during the development of their 1,100m2 Singapore home.