Client Installations

See a selection of our antique floors in their new locations, sent to us by our customers around the world.

An antique Octave Colozier floor has been supplied for this Hampshire village Boot Room..

Two antique ceramic floors were supplied for this happening London restaurant..

A stunning statement aside, these quality antique ceramic tiles, now more than 100 years old, also provide a practical and simple solution in a cooking area.

Our client, renovating the property and conscious of its architectural heritage, wanted to ensure it retained its art nouveau theme and styling.

Three antique ceramic encaustic floors were supplied by The Antique Floor Company for relaying in the bathroom areas.

The cool palette, primarily green and grey, works impressively with its surroundings.

We needn't say more...the photographs speak for themselves!

The vegetal theme links home to garden so very effectively, the primarily white fond distributes light well and being ceramic is also a low maintenance solution.

It has been laid to great effect in the front raised entrance area of the house, replacing a tired modern ceramic with a truly unique and complimentary antique ceramic.

The floors are not only beautiful but are also a practical, low maintenance solution for areas of high traffic.

The tiles have been relaid in the conservatory of this Cheshire pile, with the black tiles painstakingly cut to cabachons and the wheat cut at each corner to correspond.

The Antique Floor Company supplied this large, 20m2 ceramic and were delighted to receive photographs of it relaid as a practical, beautiful and unique solution

A quality ceramic, it offers a practical and low maintenance solution in a high traffic area as well as harmonising perfectly with the decorative wall and door mouldings.

In both instances the floor has been relaid in a kitchen renovation, one in south London and the other in Brighton, Sussex.

An excellent execution and lay of the floor, the bathroom exudes calm and class as well as providing a practical, low maintenance solution to cleaning.

Both the majestic and geometrically bold Boch Freres floor, manufactured between 1850-1860, and the smaller Douzies Maubeuge tile are in a warm palette.

Comprising of 15cm square field and same size border tiles, laid in duplicate back-to-back, it was manufactured by Boucquey et Winckelmans.

The original borders with the floor, manufactured by Boch Freres, re-frame it and a complimentary grey tolerance tile has been used to key to skirtings

14cm square ceramic encaustic tiles manufactured by Montplaisir, Maubeuge in the early twentieth century.

Indeed such was the appeal of this floor that we barely had time to lift and professionally clean it before it sold and we could have sold it several times!