A unique 7.5m2 French art deco ceramic c.1933

An unusual find with a strong art deco aesthetic.

In a monochrome palette of charcoal, white, mid grey and some mid-blue, a 14.2cm sq, 15mm thick ceramic field and border tile.

The main field tile, simple and pure and almost replicating a barcode, the border a styalised flower bedded on the same linear background. We date the floor from the original catalogue spread of the manufacturer Societe Generale de Carrelages, Paris, at 1933. 

The floor was laid with the flower themed border framing an alternating horizontal and vertical lay of the main field tiles, as shown in the photographs in the gallery. However, there are options available to lay the floor in different ways, one of which is included as a simulation. We have also included the two tiles in the Tile Simulator on our website in the 14.3cm sq tile selection category should you wish to look at different laying aesthetics.

The floor has cleaned well of its old mortar and side grout and the faces are consistent in slip and colour. There are occasional small chips and edge nibbles, all groutable. Being a highly fired ceramic it can be laid inside or outside of the home, with underfloor heating systems and also on walls using the appropriate cements and grouts. So, bathrooms, showers, kitchen walls, chimney breasts and inglenooks all present opportunities for this unique tile.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 300 tiles - 6m2 / 65 sq ft
Large Borders – 73 tiles – 1.5m2 / 16.3 sq ft or 10.4 linear metres / 34.1 linear feet

This is one of three floors reclaimed from the same house, the others being of the same manufacturer and bearing the same art deco DNA. They can be seen by clicking here and here


Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²