A 3.1m2 beautifully rich art deco ceramic c.1933

A small French art deco ceramic floor with its original half size border, 14.2cm sq, 15mm thick.

The bold main field tile, with obvious art deco in its DNA, appears inspired creatively by silk Chinese flower tapestries. This ornate and rich tile is framed by its simple bar-line half sized border, taking from the same bold palette.
The tiles are stamped SGC, having been manufactured by Societe Generale de Carrelages, Paris and date 1933. We have included in the photo gallery scans from their original catalogue presenting the tile.

As the high resolution photographs in the gallery show, the tiles have cleaned superbly; some display occasional edge nibbles and groutable chips but colours are consistent and crisp. 

This floor is crying out to be the heroine in any room and we see so many opportunities around the home where that could be achieved. On that basis, we may be prepared to split the floor and sell smaller sections of it should it be for a splashback, in an Aga Inglenook etc. Enquire for derails.

The tile is highly fired with virtually no surface porosity, so inside or outside of the home presents opportunities, and it will work effectively with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 135 tiles – 2.7m2 / 29 sq ft
Large Borders – 40 tiles – 0.4m2 / 4.3 sq ft or 5.7 linear metres / 18.6 linear feet 

This is one of three floors reclaimed from the same house, the others being of the same manufacturer and bearing the same art deco DNA. They can be seen by clicking here and here


Floor Size: 
To 5m²