Vibrant and beautifully detailed - 2m2 to 3m2

A small but beautifully detailed antique French ceramic dating from the early part of the twentieth century. The floor was manufactured by Usine de Montplaisir, Maubeuge and we have included in the gallery a scan from the period Montplaisir catalogue in our possession showing the main field tile and the border tile. 

The tiles are 14cm square and c.15mm thick and the 100 tiles available provide for a surface area of 2m2 / 21.5 sq.ft. although this can be increased towards 3m2 / 32.2 sq. ft. if the border series presented as an option is also taken.

The floor has cleaned well, revealing a rich antique patina, with some tiles displaying edge nibbles and small groutable chips but the colours are rich and vibrant and the ceramic is excellent quality. The tiles can be fixed on wall or floor and would make a perfect and practical statement in a small porch, toilet, as a statement in a larger area framed by antique wood or a complimentary modern ceramic, inside a shower, an antique bath splashback or as a chimney hearth feature.

There are 50 border tiles, again 14cm sq, available and manufactured by Usine de Montplaisir, Maubeuge



Floor Size: 
To 5m²