Thistle themed splash-back with half border options

A splash-back of handmade antique French ceramic encaustic tiles dating from the early twentieth century.

Exquisitely detailed thistle themed design.

The main tiles are offered with a choice of two half sized borders which we have photographed top and bottom. You choose which. We can supply both.

Perfect as a cooker splash-back, feature behind a sink or antique bath. In a shower, as a carpet style feature in a room or on a wall. Can be laid outside; patio, entrance lobby etc. etc. 

Tile size:- 14.2cm sq.

Tile thickness: - +/- 15mm

Dimensions of tiles laid out: - 4 field tiles + 2 half borders high x 6 field tiles wide is 71 cm x 85 cm (0.6m2)

We do have more field tiles and borders available if you are looking to cover a larger area - enquire

Total weight: - c.25 kgs

Our tiles

The tiles have been cleaned of their old mortar, years of dirt and wax and arrive ready to relay. They were often handmade in small batches so there are subtle colour and tone variations, all adding to their charm. There will also be subtle variations in the size and thickness of tiles. Once laid they do not need to be sealed or waxed although both of these are an option and a personal choice;  a regular wash is all that will be required to retain their beauty.

We have other antique French and Belgian floor tiles for sale.

Tiles Condition

The tiles are antique and a small proportion of them will display small grout able edge nibbles and chips. This is all part of the antique patina of a tile and adds to their charm and beauty.  The photographs are obviously an accurate representation of the tiles.


Ceramic encaustic tiles are highly fired which means they can be laid inside or outside of the home as high summer and below freezing winter temperatures will not affect the tile. They can also be laid with under floor heating systems as they are superb retainers and distributors of heat. While they were originally floor tiles they can and are used on walls as splash backs, in showers, in Aga inglenooks and various other areas of the home. They can be laid as centralised carpet style features framed by antique parquet, stone or a complimentary plain tile. If you cannot find what you are looking for we do have more tiles available and can provide for larger areas. Contact us for more information.

Packing & Delivery

Owing to weight and courier costs, delivery is to UK only unless part of another order. 

We take time and care in packing and the tiles are dispatched standing in a cardboard box insulated with 2cm thick polystyrene. 

Floor Size: 
To 5m²