Superbly detailed 17m2 French mosaic themed ceramic floor

A stunningly detailed antique French ceramic floor, in a faux mosaique theme and comprising of three principal field tiles and its original border tiles.

The tiles were manufactured by the heritage French tile manufacturer Carrelages Simons et Cie, Le Cateau and we include in the photo gallery scans from their period catalogue showing the tiles and the original factory.

Totalling over 17m2 / 183 sq ft in surface area these superb ceramics, 14.2cm square and c.15mm thick, have been individually restored tile by tile to reveal crisp consistent colours, a deep slip and a heavy quality ceramic. There is some evidence of the passage of time with a small number displaying edge nibbles and small groutable chips but all adding to the floors uniqueness and charm, a charm associated with an antique ceramic.

This is a floor crying out to be the heroine in a room whether that be a large entrance hallway, kitchen or bathroom. The autumnal colours we feel also lend themselves to a lay in a conservatory linking house and garden and, as the tiles are highly fired, possibly laying the floor externally on a patio or entrance path, exploiting the large linear length of border tiles.

This is a difficult floor to photograph as the options for its lay provide many opportunities and one that we can tailor to your specific need. Framed by an ornate border, for which six large border corner tiles are available, the floor opens out with the lush motif field tiles anchored by a discreet off-white mosaic themed tile. We have taken photographs of the floor using just one potential layout, namely two styles of a four tile motif. This is simply to show you the tiles but we have used the the Tile Simulator available on our website to produce some options of how the motifs could be laid, depending on whether you prefer simple repetitive four tile motif tessellations or the beauty of several larger motif panels integrating the two motif tiles together. 

The individual tiles are loaded into the Tile Simulator under code DB8 and you can explore and create different options yourself. The large number of border tiles, 216 in total, allow for a potential back to back double border lay, a schematic for which we have shown also.

FREE TECHNICAL DRAWING - Given the potential complexity of this floor we make a special offer here worth over £200. Should you commit to purchase the floor we will produce a technical drawing from dimensions you provide so you can see the finished design with the tiles graphically 'in-situ'. The technical plan will also summarise the tile quantities required for the design by tile type as well as providing the tiler with the necessary plan to lay the floor.

You can find out more details of the technical drawings service we offer by clicking here

Tile quantities (give or take one or two):-

Field tiles - off white  - 500 - 10m2 / 107 sq. ft.

Motif tiles -  Ribbon motif - 75 - 1.5m2 / 16.5 sq.ft.

Motif tiles - Non-Ribbon motif - 56 - 1.1m2 / 12.3 sq. ft.

Border tiles - 210 plus 6 corners - 4.4m2 / 46.8 sq. ft or 30.6 linear metres / 100.6 linear ft.*

* based on a single lay of the borders, halve the linear lengths for a back to back border lay


Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²