A stunning 18m2 floral themed Boch Freres ceramic c.1900

A floor of exceptional quality and design we present this reclaimed and now fully restored handmade Boch Freres, Maubeuge French ceramic with its original full size and half size borders, laid in duplicate. 

In addition to the high-resolution photographs in the gallery, revealing a floor of stunning design detail and in excellent condition, we also include scans of pages from the original period Boch Freres catalogue displaying the blue floral themed main field tile and the border series. Both the principal field tile and the vegetal themed half border have an almost hand painted quality and often display unique production detail often found with a handmade tile. 

The field tile and large border are 17cm square and weigh over 1 kilo per tile.  The half size border, framing the larger top and bottom is 17cm x 8.5cm. There are actually two large borders, as one leaf presents to the left and the other to the right. There are 40 tiles of each.

The ceramic is excellent, and the tiles have restored beautifully revealing crisp colours and a deep slip. A small number display edge nibbles, small groutable chips or a small surface firing crack. The section photographed has been selected at random and is representative of the whole floor.

The floor surface totals 18m2+ / 195 sq ft.

The same Boch Freres tiles are laid in parts of the Lumiere Camera Museum in Lyon, France; a most impressive museum and well worth a visit if the subject matter is of interest to you. We incude some photos in the gallery from our visit.

Tile quantities , give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 470 – 13.6m2 / 146 q ft
Large Border  – 80 – 2.3m2 or 13.6 linear metres / 44.6 linear ft
Small Border – 160 – 2.4m2 or 28 linear metres / 92 linear ft

plus 5 small border corners

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²