Small Paray le Monial ceramic panel

A small ceramic encaustic tile panel, dating from the early twentieth century, consisting of four ornate 17.5cm sq, 16mm thick handmade Paray le Monial ceramic tiles and corresponding off-white ceramics of three sizes, all with a lovely antique patina. The tiles display edge nibbles and the occasional small chip, as can be evidenced in the high resolution photographs.

Ideal for a splashback, in a chimney hearth or as a decorative feature the panel measures 59cm x 52cm.

There is an impressive Paul Charnoz, Paray le Monial museum in the town of Paray le Monial in Burgundy, France which details the history of the company and has examples of the superb work produced by him and his team at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. A link for the website can be found here 

*A capillary crack is a small fissure caused when a tile left the kiln and was exposed to a humid environment while cooling. The heat of the cooling tile was trying to escape as humidity was drawn into the tile and a small surface crack formed. It is millimetres deep, does not effect the solidity of the tile and is groutable.