A small Maufroid Freres et Soeur ceramic - 7.5m2+ dated 1879-1912

A small antique Belgian ceramic with same size borders, the floor was reclaimed from a small entrance hall in a town house in Gembloux, Belgium. Owing to its lay with borders running vertically rather than framing the field tiles there are no border corner tiles available although these can be easily mitre cut by the tiler from regular borders to allow the framing of the floor, if that is desired.

16.5cm square tiles, 14mm thick, the floors surface totals 7.5m2 / 81 sq ft.

In a cool palette of grey, charcoal, white and a cornflower blue the floor comes with its original lozenge themed tiles.

Manufactured by Carrelages Céramiques de Chimay, Maufroid Freres & Soeur, Rue Poncet, Bourlers, Henegouwen, Belgique, who later became: S.A. La Céramique de Bourlers. Maufroid Freres et Soeur and traded as such between 1879 and 1912. The reverse of the tiles bears the Maufroid rings and centralised 'M'.

The tiles have cleaned superbly revealing a good ceramic. Years of old wax has been steamed off and old mortar removed, so the tiles arrive ready to relay.

The photographs are of a randomly selected c.1m2 section of the floor.

Tile quantities by tile type:-

FIELD tiles - 215 - 5.9m2  / 63 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER tiles - 67 - 1.8m2 / 19.7 sq ft. - 11 linear metres / 36.3 linear feet.


Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²