Small harlequin themed antique carreaux de ciments floor c.1910

A small but pretty, 5.25m2, antique French carreaux de ciments floor recovered from the buanderie of a house in Orleans and dated c.1910.

The floor comprises of three different 16cm sq tiles, all on a fond of beige; a black and brown diamond themed border, a brown diamond themed field tile and a black and beige damier tile. The individual design of each tile is simple but the combination is most effective and the cool colours only add to its subtle impact.

The floor has been slowly cleaned of its old lime based mortar, to the reverse and sides of the tiles, and years of old wax and dirt have been removed with a strong alkaline based detergent and a pressure steaming. Once laid the tiles will require sealing and being carreaux de ciments they are only suitable for indoor use, unless of course you live in a climate where freezing and thawing does not occur.

The floor has a pleasing and charming patina. The tiles are heavy and solid, being c.2cm thick, and some display small groutable chips and nibbles that add much character as the photographs show. There is one border corner tile but the other three can be mitre cut from border tile offcuts available.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

BORDER - 30 (1 corner)



Plus offcuts

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To 5m²