Small French damier - c.3m2

A small French ceramic floor reclaimed from a small bathroom, along with a larger Boch Freres floor, in Saone et Loire, Burgundy.

The floor dates from the 1930's.

The surface area is 3m2 / 32.2 sq ft.

A damier of two mottled ceramic tiles, one a soft tangerine, the other a grey.

Framing the floor is a half size border (which has more of a 1970's creative feel to it) on which the colours are vibrant and crisp.

The damier tiles are 14.1cm sq and 10mm thick and the borders 14cm x 7cm and 14mm thick.

The floor has cleaned superbly, arriving ready to relay. 

67 mottled grey tiles, 63 mottled tangerine tiles, 40 half size borders.

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To 5m²