A small antique French clover themed floor c.1905

A curious and beautifully detailed antique French floor in cool tones of sage and leaf greens with mustard and black piping present.

This small, 5m2 / 54 sq ft, floor comes complete with its original main field tile and same size border tiles both of which are 15.5cm square. The theme is vegetal but with a humorous twist as the three-leaf single tile clover produces a four-leafed clover motif when it tessellates. ‘Le Treffle’ in France is as much a symbol of good luck as its Irish equivalent the shamrock in Eire or on the east coast of the USA. The large clover on the four-tile tessellation is centrally anchored by a smaller group of three leaf clovers.

The tiles, which are grid line marked on the reverse, were manufactured by Sand & Cie in the early twentieth century. We have a growing library of antique period catalogues and scans and have included a scan from the original Sand & Cie Catalogue showing the floor.

The ceramic is excellent quality, colours are crisp and consistent and as a random photographed section of the floor shows it has cleaned superbly. A small number of tiles display edge nibbles or small groutable chips as the high resolution photographs show.

Being ceramic the tiles are suitable for inside of the home and we think the design and cool palette lends itself to being the hero in a bathroom.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two: -

Field tiles – 180 4m2 / 43 sq ft

Large borders – 38 (plus 4 corner tiles) – 0.95 m2 / 10.22 sq ft or 6.3 linear metres / 20.7 linear feet

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To 5m²5m² - 10m²