Small antique ceramic mosaic themed floor c.1920

Totalling 2.35m2 / 25 sq ft in surface area, an antique French ceramic tile with same size border.

15cm square tiles, mosaic themed and produced by Carrelages de Maubeuge - Douzies Maubeuge c.1920, we incude in the gallery a scan in our possession of the original catalogue presenting the tile.

Arrives fully restored and ready to relay, an excellent ceramic with a good slip in a quality 15mm thick tile.

Ideal as a statement piece in a larger area, in a small entrance, an inglenook, kitchen splashback, inside a shower...

77 field tiles totalling 1.75m2 and 27 borders* totalling 0.6m2

*4 linear metres / 13.3 linear feet.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²