A small antique ceramic with back to back borders c.8.5m2+

A small antique ceramic tile of a beautifully detailed design and in a cool palette of sky blue, mid grey and white with charcoal piping.

The tiles date from the early part of the twentieth century and were manufactured by Societe Anonyme AMAY (Belgique) and we include in the photo gallery scans in our possession of the original presentation of the tiles in their period catalogue.

Both the principal field tile and border, which can be laid singularly or back to back as shown in the photo gallery, are 14cm square and 15mm thick.

The tiles have cleaned very well; the ceramic is excellent and the colours crisp and consistent.

This is one floor we have reclaimed on another occasion over the last fifteen years and we were delighted to receive photographs from our client in Perth, Australia following its installation. The tiles were primarily installed in the wet room of the house but a section has also been used outside on a patio area as being a highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home. We have included the photographs of both areas in the photo gallery.

Enquire for tile counts by tile type - surface available c.8.5m2+

Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²