Small, 6m2, ceramic kitchen floor c.1930

A small ceramic encaustic floor totalling 6.25m2+ / 67 sq ft, dated c.1930, reclaimed from the kitchen of a house close to the French border with Luxemburg.

Both the main field and border tiles are an unusual 12.7cm sq (5 inches) in size and c.1cm thick. Creatively, the floor is a 1930’s stylisation of earlier Art Nouveau design with a rich, ornate central motif in green, yellow, white and putty complemented by a border tile borrowing from the motifs central flower.

Tile quantities:-

Field tiles – 340 

Border tiles – 53 (6.7 linear metres / 22 linear feet) 

Total tiles – 393 (6.3 m2)

Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²