A small 6m2 / 65 sq ft antique Belgian ceramic

A small antique Belgian ceramic floor totalling c.6m2 / 65 sq ft.

Principal field tile of 14cm square, same size border and a half sized border laid in duplicate.

All four large and eight small border corners are present.

The tiles are handmade and we think c.1920-1930 but possibly earlier.

The ceramic is excellent, the tiles +/- 13mm thick and owing to their handmade production in small batches there are tonal variations, particularly amongst the field tiles. We have shown separate photos of two field tiles to show the most significant variations.

The high resolution photos are of a random selection of the floor, totalling c.1.25m2, and representative of the total floor. The floor has cleaned well, displaying an appealing antique patina, some tiles displaying occasional small chips or edge nibbles, all groutable.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD - 225 tiles - 4.4m2 / 47.3 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER - 35 tiles plus 4 corners - 0.76m2 / 8.2 sq. ft or 5.5 linear metres / 17.9 linear feet.

SMALL BORDER - 70 tiles plus 8 corners - 0.76m2 / 8.2 sq. ft or 11 linear metres / 35.8 linear feet.

Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²