Small 5.8m2 antique Belgian ceramic floor

A small antique Belgian ceramic floor consisting of a 14cm sq. prinicpal field tile and a same size border, which can be laid in duplicate, as shown in the photographs, or singulary to double its linear length availability. The exterior border corner tile is in fact one of the principal field tiles and there are three interior border corner tiles recovered, meaning one will need to be mitre cut should a back to back border lay be the preferred option.

The design is rich and lush, indeed fluid, with a very complimentary border and field tile harmony. Some tiles are reverse stamped SM, which we believe is for Produits Ceramiques Societe Morilame, the original producer.

The floors total surface area is 5.8m2 / 62.4 sq. ft.

Each tile has now been professionally cleaned and the floor arrives ready to relay. This is a good ceramic offering crisp and consistant colours and a small number of tiles bear small, groutable chips or edge nibbles to be expected of a floor more than c.90 years old.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 240 - 4.8m2 / 51.7 sq. ft

Large Border tiles - 49 plus 3 internal corners - 1m2 / 10.7 sq. ft - 7.3 linear metres / 23.9 linear feet

Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²