Small 4m2 antique St Remy Belgian floor

Dating from the early 20th century, a ceramic encaustic Belgian floor consisting of a principal 15cm square field tile and a same size border for which all four border corner tiles are available.

The floor totals 4m2 / 43 sq ft. in surface, being 119 field tiles and 57 large border tiles plus 4 border corners. The linear length of the borders is 9.2 linear metres / 30 linear feet.

The tiles are reverse stamped PCSR having been produced by Societe Anonyme Produits Ceramiques St Remy-Chimay, a heritage Belgian ceramic producer established close to the Belgian city of Chimay. A photograph of the tile factory, now long since closed is shown as well as two scans from their original catalogue showing the field tiles and borders.

The photo gallery offers high resolution photos of a small random section of the floor, which had cleaned excellently, revealing a quality ceramic and good slip. Colours are consistent and there is no surface wear. A small number of tiles bear small chips or edge nibbles, all groutable.

A perfect statement piece for an entrance lobby, small bathroom or kitchen or as a decorative feature in a larger area surrounded by a complimentary ceramic or antique parquet the floor arrives professionally restored and ready to relay.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²