Small, 3.5m2 antique carreaux de ciments floor - 20cm sq tiles

A small, 3.5m2, antique French carreaux de ciments floor reclaimed from the entrance area of a fermette renovation in a small village called Thury in Burgundy, France. The floor dates from the 1930's and is a traditional French 20cm square cement tile design of a banded star in browns and creme anglaise. There are 75 field tiles and 13 of the helix design same size borders, providing a linear length of border tiles of 2.6 metres / 34 inches. The floor has been cleaned of old mortar and wax and is now in its matt state, requiring that once laid and joints are dry it should be sealed or waxed to prevent staining. Being a cured rather than fired tired it is only suitable for laying internally as sub zero temperatures in winter can damage the tiles structure.

This is a classical, geometrical design which would lend itself well to relaying in a porch or small bathroom or, framed by an antique dark wood which would compliment its palette, as a feature in a larger room.

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To 5m²