Small, 1.2m2+, antique burgundy and off-white damier

Classical, small chessboard style floor of burgundy and off-white 14cm square tiles, 13mm thick.

Professionally cleaned and arriving ready to relay they have a pleasing antique patina of small groutable chips, edge nibbles and a small number having small surface capillary cracks*.

Can be fixed to floors or walls.

30 off-white and 30 burgundy plain tiles available for a total surface of 1.2m2.

Ideal and practical as a kitchen splashback, a feature around an antique bath or sink or a splashback behind an Aga or woodburner.

*A capillary crack is a small fissure that formed when a tile left the kiln after firing and was exposed to a humid environment while cooling. The heat of the cooling tile was trying to dissipate at the same time that air moisture was being drawn in by the tiles heat.  The result was that a small crack formed from the tiles edge to around 1cm to 2cm length. The tile structure and robustness is not affected and the cracks are simply grouted when laid.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²