A run of 70+ faux mosaic themed ceramic border tiles

A run of antique Belgian ceramic encaustic border tiles

14.3cm sq, +/-15mm thick

Faux mosaic in design and in a warm palette they were manufactured by Cermiques Nationale Forges, Forges-les-Chimay in the early part of the 20th century. The tiles are reverse stamped ‘F’

Potential applications include kitchen counter runs, splashbacks, decorative features in chimney breasts, inglenooks, inside showers or as a traditional frame for an antique or modern ceramic or parquet

As was traditional in France and Belgium during this period, they can also be used as plinths i.e. instead of skirting boards

70+ tiles, 10.5 linear metes / 34.4 linear feet.


Floor Size: 
To 5m²