A quality Maubeuge ceramic encaustic border tile

A large run of antique French ceramic border tiles manufactured by Fabrique de Produits Ceramiques, Douzies Maubeuge, 15cm square and c.15mm thick

A scan of the antique catalogue cover and presentation of the tile is shown in the photo gallery

Reclaimed and fully restored, having had their old mortar and years of wax and dirt removed they arrive ready to relay

Excellent condition, some tiles display groubtable edge nibbles and the ocassional small chip

Cool palette of sky blue, mid grey and white with charcoal piping

120 tiles available totalling 18 linear metres / 59 linear feet in length plus 4 border corner tiles

Ideal for framing a floor; a plain ceramic tile or one of our antique tile floors, as feature run in a kitchen or bathroom etc.

Optionally, as they are highly fired, they can be laid outside on a garden or entrance path

The lot can be split to sell to your surface requirement