A pretty 2m2 / 20 sq ft+ antique Belgian Hemiksem ceramic tiles c.1920

A small, 2m2, antique Belgian ceramic encaustic Hemiksem tile dated c.1920  reverse stamped with the Hemiksem 'H'. There are c.90 of the main 14cm square field tile and 34 of the half size border tile, plus 3 corner pieces. The border tile can been seen in the photograph below.

Reclaimed from the porch of a house in Vievy, Burgundy, France the tile is ornate in design and primarily in a blue, grey and white palette. It has cleaned well and arrives ready to relay where it could be used again in a small entrance porch area, in a toilet, in front of a bath or as a carpet style room feature framed by wood, stone or a complimentary tile. Or if not on the floor then on a wall in a kitchen inglenook or Aga area, or as a sink or shower splashback....Options, options....

Floor Size: 
To 5m²