Large run of ceramic back to back art nouveau border tiles

Over 400 antique French ceramic encaustic border tiles, which can be laid as singles or back to back.

All internal and external border corner tiles are present and correct.

Of a fluid, ribboned, art nouveau design in a palette of blue, burgundy and grey on an off-white base the tiles are 15mm thick and arrive ready to relay.

Having been cleaned of their old mortar and years of encrusted wax they display no surface wear, consistent slip colours with only a small number having small groutable chips and edge nibbles.These are a highly fired tile which can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with under-floor heating systems.

The large quantity available lends itself for them to be used in their entirety for framing a modern ceramic or an antique wood parquet floor in a large room to stunning effect.

With the possibility to sell by the meterage they can also be used as chimney tile inserts, on a kitchen wall work surface run or as a splashback around an antique bath, shower or sinks.

Total linear length of 60 metres for a single lay or 30 metres for a back to back double lay (196 ft single lay or 98ft double lay)


Antique tiles were most commonly made in single or two tile moulds. Before current computer automation methods their moulds were made my hand and the colour slips mixed by eye. Kiln temperatures could also be variable, as could the firing time. The result is that often tiles display subtle size and thickness variations and there can be tonal variations in colours, owing to the slip mixing and/or firing time. All of this makes these handmade tiles unique and adds to their charm. Some floors display their subtle variations in size and tones, some not, but when photographing we always take a random section of the floor so that it is representative of the whole. A tiler should always dry lay a section of the tiles to familiarise himself with them before starting to fix lay. 

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