A large run of antique French ceramic borders

A large run of antique French ceramic border tiles, 15cm square and c.15mm thick, the tiles are reversed stamped B&W, being Boucquey et Winckelmans, and date from the  1920's - 1930's

We include in the gallery scans from the Boucquey et Wickelmans catalogue in our possession showing the tiles.

Reclaimed and fully restored, having had their old mortar and years of wax and dirt removed they arrive ready to relay

Pleasing antique patina of groutable edge nibbles and the occasional small chip

Can be laid in two ways as can be seen in the photographs

225 tiles available totalling almost 33.75 linear metres / 111 linear feet in length plus ten or so free rejects that can be used to make mitre border corners.

Ideal for framing a floor; a chessboard damier, plain ceramic, antique tile stone etc. Optionally, as they are highly fired, they can be laid outside on a garden or entrance path

The lot can be split to sell to your surface requirement