Large ornate mosaic themed ceramic encaustic floor with four borders

An impressively detailed and very good quality Belgian ceramic encaustic floor reclaimed from the reception room of Brussels house, totalling c.20m2/215sq ft, which has been slowly restored to its original early 20th century glory. The floor uses five separate 14cm sq tiles to create a rich mosaic theme on a fond of off white with burgundy, turquoise, mustard and red present in the fine tile detailing. As well as the main field tile, which produces a circular motif, there is a double external border which uses the same tile twice and an internal border, four tiles width, which uses two different tiles, framed each side by a field tile. In every detail, from layout to individual tile to floor design there is a strong mosaic theme. The external borders frame the whole floor, as corner pieces are present whereas the internal border is a horizontal run each side.

The reverses of the tiles bear the inscription ‘CNW’, an abbreviation for ‘Societe Anonyme Le Ceramique National, Welkenraedt’, a company established at Forges-lez-Chimay in 1892 which later opened a subsidiary in Walkenraedt in 1900. The Welkenraedt factory continued to trade until the mid 1920’s, so the tiles date between 1900 and 1920.

The floor is in very good condition; the slip is excellent and the colours are vibrant and fresh as the high resolution photographs of a large section show. Some tiles have edge nibbling and others the occasional small chip but each has been carefully quality controlled and rejects are supplied free for off-cuts. The floor arrives cleaned and ready to relay and being a high fired ceramic encaustic can be laid externally or internally where it would work efficiently with an under floor heating system.

This is a floor crying out to be the hero in a room and its design and capacity to distribute light is ideally suited to a large entrance hall, kitchen or large bathroom. Given its complexity, we will be happy to assist you in evaluating the fit of the floor for your chosen floor space.

Tile quantities (give or take one or two):-

Main field tile – 620

Internal borders – 200 (c.100 of both)

External borders – 200 (4 internal corner tiles and 4 external border tiles)

plus offcuts

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²20m²+