Large +/- 22.75m2 antique ceramic floor with same size border tiles

Totalling 22.75m2 / 244 sq ft, this pretty, antique ceramic encaustic floor is one of three recently reclaimed from the same house, built around 1905 in Tournai, Belgium and now fully restored to its former beauty.

In a restful palette of leaf green, mid blue and grey on a white slip the floor consists of a 14cm square principal field tile which tessellates across four tiles to produce a crossed themed motif, framed by trailing flowers. The same size border tiles introduce trailing blue flowers on charcoal coloured stems and can be laid as singles or, as shown in the photographs, in double as a back to back configuration. All 4 internal and 4 external corner tiles are available for the borders.

As the high resolution photographs show, the floor has cleaned well of years of dirt and wax, arriving ready to relay with the colours consistent and the 15mm thick ceramic excellent. A small number of tiles display occasional small chips, all groutable and part of the patina of an antique tile. The 1.5m2 layout for the photographs are a random sample of the floor and representative of the whole.

The size of the floor lends itself to being laid in various rooms or indeed outside on a patio or in a conservatory where the floral design and palette would link garden to home well. We would be happy, without obligation, to look at a potential fit for the floor in your chosen area from a sketch with key dimensions provided by you.

Tile quantities – give or take one or two:-

FIELD TILES – 950 – 18.6m2 / 200 sq. ft

LARGE BORDER TILES – 200 plus all 8 internal and external border tiles – 4.1m2 / 54.4 sq. ft*

* SINGLE LAY OF BORDERS - 28.6 linear metres or 93.7 linear feet
* BACK TO BACK LAY OF BORDERS – 14.3 linear metres or 46.9 linear feet

Floor Size: