A handmade late 19th century Perrusson damier - 18.5m2

A large, 17cm sq, and heavy, 1.4kgs each, antique French ceramic tile

Manufactured and reverse stamped Perrusson, individually handmade in Ecluses, Burgundy in the late 19th century

Total surface area of 18.5m2 / 199 sq ft.

Owing to being made in small batches there is some beautiful tonal variations in slip colours all adding to the uniqueness of each tile and the whole floor

We include a random sample of the tiles in the photo gallery; some smears on the tiles in the photographs are just the result of them drying after being washed,

Originally laid as a two tile damier in two rooms in a hamlet close to Paray Le Monial, Burgundy, France, the floor also had two same size border tiles, one laid in each room. Both are shown in the photo gallery.

Tile Quantities, give or take one or two:-

Black Cross field tile - 230 - 6.65m2 / 71.6 sq ft.

Beige and Bordeaux field tile - 317 - 9.2m2 / 99 sq. ft

Swirl borders - 39 - 1.1m2 / 11.8 sq. ft or 6.6 linear metres / 21.8 linear ft.

Geometric borders - 57 plus 3 corners and 2 damaged corners - 1.65m2 / 17.8 sq ft. or 10.2 linear metres / 33.5 linear ft.