A handmade Boch Freres floor of octagon tiles with cabochons

A small, 10m2+ / 108 sq ft antique handmade Boch Freres de Maubeuge ceramic floor reclaimed along with a larger mosaic themed floor from a period house in Maubeuge, northern France.

The main field tile is an octagon; white with sky blue piping it is connected by a burgundy cabochon or tile insert which bears a floral motif in mustard. Magnificently framed by an ornate and stunningly detailed same size border and duplicate half size borders, for which all the corner tile pieces are present and correct, the floor offers up a simple and pure tessellation. All tiles are in surface relief as can be seen in the high resolution photographs below. The ceramic of these heavy 17cm, 1.75cm thick tiles is superb having been handmade in two's between 1875 and 1878 and the removal of years of dirt and old wax now reveal crisp colours, no surface wear and with the exception of a few tiles bearing edge nibbles and small chips the floor is in outstanding condition.

The high resolution photographs below are of a random section of around 2m2 of the floor. Suitable for laying inside the home, where it will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems, or outside on a patio, garden path, in a conservatory or summer house the floor arrives ready to relay and will only require a regular wash to retain its beauty.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main octagon tiles - 175 - 5m2 / 55 sq ft (Plus 150 cabachons and 50 triangle cabachons)

Large border tiles - 87 plus 4 corners - 2.6m2 / 27.7 sq ft or 15.5 linear metres / 50.8 linear ft

Small border tiles - 163 plus 8 corners - 2.4m2 / 26 sq ft or 28.3 linear metres / 93 linear ft

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