Glazed Belgian wall plinths - early 20th century

65 antique Belgian wall plinths, used traditionally in the beginning of the 20th century as skirting, we have reclaimed and restored the plinths along with a 10m2 floor from the same house close to Namur in Belgium.

The tiles are glazed,, sculpted and in a grey-green palette.

14cm sq they offer a linear meterage of 9.1 metres / 30 linear feet.

Perfect and practical for either skirting in a bathroom or toilet, as a kitchen counter or bath splashback, in an inglenook, in a chimney hearth or breast...

Note:- Glazed tiles are reflective and difficult to photograph. What may appear as staining on the tiles in the photographs is in fact shadows or reflections of the photographer.

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To 5m²