Early 20th century Boch Freres vine themed border tiles

Large, heavy, quality Boch Freres Maubeuge ceramic encaustic border tiles.

We include a scan in the gallery showing the tiles originally presented in the turn of the 20th century Boch Freres catalogue in our possession.

17.5cm square and weighing close to 1.4kgs a tile, the design is vine leaves on a burgundy fond.

93 border tiles plus all 4 border corners are available, providing a linear length of 17 linear metres / 55.6 linear feet.

Can be used to frame a modern or antique ceramic, parquet or stone or as a decorative feature in a chimney breast, Inglenook, in showers etc.

Can also be complimented with half sized Boch Freres Maubeuge borders that we have available.