Classical tessellation - a small panel of French ceramic tiles

Dating from the early part of the twentieth century, a panel of antique French ceramic encaustic tiles.

15cm sq. and +/-15mm thick.

Offering a classical geometric tessellation, easy on the eye and popular at the turn of the century.

In a cool palette of mushroom, charcoal and white the tiles have been professionally cleaned of their old mortar, surface wax and dirt and are in very good condition.

Owing to their handmade production there is some tonal variations in the slip colours, all adding to their charm. We have shown two tiles together as an example of the tones.

Ideal as a splashback, chimney feature or practical and easy maintenance porch entrance.

25 tiles available, the photographs of 5 tiles x 5 tiles provides for a surface area of 75 cm x 75cm  /  29.5 inches x 29.5 inches.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²