Classical Octave Colozier Ste. Juste de Marais ceramic floor 1913

A 16m2+ / 170 sq ft, antique French ceramic floor manufactured by Octave Colozier, Ste Juste de Marais. The floor tiles are reverse marked ‘OC’ and appear in the Colozier Catalogue of ‘Carrelages Ceramiques’ for 1913, a copy of which is in our possession.

The design is classical geometry with the indulgence of a more ornate border series of a same size border tile and a domino half size border. The palette is cool in off white, grey, blue and black.

The tiles are in good condition; some display small chips and nibbles (but any with larger chips are supplied free for offcuts) and following a professional cleaning the colours apparent after the removal of years of old wax are crisp and consistent, as can be seen in the photographs below.

There are a small number of border tiles available but sufficient to make a feature in a room, for example a centralised border frame or highlighting door areas.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

14.2cm sq tiles with same size and half size borders

FIELD – 750



Plus a large number of offcuts

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²