A c.15m2+ classically French antique ceramic with double borders

Reclaimed from the entrance hall of a renovation in the village of Priez, Aisne, Hautes-de-France a quality period ceramic with its same size borders, originally laid in duplicate, back-to-back.

A 15cm sq classical cross themed field tile and fluid same size borders taking from the same palette, both are easily recognisable as French in design. The tiles were manufactured in the early part of the 20th century by Fabrique de Produits Ceramiques de Maubeuge, Douzies Maubeuge and we include in the photo gallery a scan of the tiles from their original catalogue. 

In addition to the main floor, we also have available more than 100, 15cm sq tiles that were originally used as plinths in the room i.e. fixed to the wall as skirting, a common practice at the turn of the last century. A photograph of them is included in the gallery and a link with more photographs is included here. These plinths are in fact Belgian, having been manufactured by Societe Anonyme des Produits Ceramiques St Remy-Chimay

We have recovered all four external border corner tiles but only three of the internal border corners, but these can easily be mitre cut by a tiler from the regular borders.

The floor has restored well revealing a good ceramic, +15mm thick, consistent colours and but a handful of groutable chips and a pleasing patina. The photographs in the gallery are of a randomly selected section of around 1m2 of the floor.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD  – 360 tiles – 8.1m2 / 87 sq ft
LARGE BORDERS - 290 tiles plus 7 corners – 6.7m2 / 71.7 sq ft. – 44.4 linear metres / 146 linear ft*.
Halve the length for a back to back border lay.

OPTIONAL PLINTHS – 100 tiles – 2.25m2 / 24.2 sq ft. – 15 linear metres / 49 linear ft.


Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²