c.13m2+ Winckelmans ceramic floor with same size borders

A ceramic encaustic floor totaling c.+/- 13m2 / 140 sq ft, produced by Boucquey et Winckelmans. The floor consists of a principal field tile in off white and grey with a starred blue motif, complimented by an ornate border tile in predominantly aubergine. The border series can be laid in duplicate, as shown in the photographs, or as a single tile depending on the linear length of border required or your personal preference. 

Both the principal field tile and the border tiles are 15 cm sq / c. 6 inches. Easy on the eye and classical in form it would be perfect as a centralised feature of a larger area framed in wood, stone or a complimentary plain tile or equally in an entrance hallway or large kitchen.

The floor has cleaned very well of old wax and mortar and arrives ready to relay. A small number of tiles display small groutable chips and edge nibbles but they have been individually quality controlled are of excellent quality. Being ceramic encaustic they can be laid inside or outside of the home and of course can be used very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.



Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²