c.12m2 to 17m2 antique Maubeuge ceramic floor with rich double borders


An exquisitely detailed antique French ceramic encaustic floor, dating from the early 20th century, in a warm palette.

The tile was manufactured by Mosaiques Ceramiques de Maubeuge, Usine Montplaisir and we include a couple of scans from pages presenting the tile in the original catalogue.

A quality highly fired ceramic 14.2cm sq and 15mm thick, it has cleaned beautifully revealing crisp colours and an appealing antique patina.

The principal field tile, opening up two linking motifs over a four tile tessellation, is impressively framed by a same size border tile that can be laid singularly or back to back, as shown in the photographs.

The floor arrives ready to relay and does not require sealing, a regular washing is all that is required to maintain its beauty.

Note:- As can be seen in the catalogue scans there is more than one way to lay the field tile and we have only shown it laid one way in the photographs displayed in the gallery.

We also have the second field tile available, which is shown in the bottom panel of the scan called 'Maubeuge FAD3'. By using this second field tile with the field tile we have photographed you could achieve a floor lay presented in the central right panel in the scan 'Maubeuge FAD1'. As a consequence of using this second field tile the surface area would increase to c.17m2. We have incuded in the photo gallery a simulation of the layout when using both of the two field tiles.

We would be happy to sell the floor as the c.12m2 lay, as shown in the photo gallery, or the larger floor incorporating the second field tile towards 17m2 / 180 sq. ft.

The surface area is c.12m2 - 17m2 / 130 sq ft - 180 sq ft - Enquire for tile counts by tile type.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²