c.12m2 / 130 sq ft geometric floor with leaf borders

A c.12m2 antique carreaux de ciments floor of a strong geometric design with a complimentary same sized border tile bearing a repeating stylized leaf and flower.

The floor, which has been reclaimed from a Town House in the Ardeche, is dated from the beginning of the 20th century and the palette is in cool tones of light grey, burgundy and cream.

The old lime based mortar has been removed from the reverse and sides of the tiles and the faces have been cleaned to remove years of wax and dirt. Like all antique carreaux de ciments floors the patina is rich and aged; there are small chips and nibbles evident and some tiles have cleaned more than others but the overall beauty is apparent not only in its design but in the celebration of its antique look and the high resolution photographs below are a representative section of the floor.

Being carreaux de ciments and a cured, rather than fired tile, they are only suitable for indoor use unless you live in a climate where there is no risk of freezing and thawing.

There are c.12m2 of floor plus a large number of free tiles to use as offcuts.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²