A c. 17.5m2+ / 188 sq ft heritage Boch Freres ceramic c.1900

A quality period French ceramic manufactured by Boch Freres, Maubeuge c.1900. We have included scans from the period Boch Freres catalogue in our possession showing the field tiles and the twin same size border series.

17cm square tiles, weighing over a kilo each, these are a heritage handmade production from a world-renowned ceramic manufacturer, still trading globally. 

The floor is fully restored and arrives ready to relay, the photographs of a random section of c.1.2m2 details visually a stunning floor both at individual tile level and in its design tessellation, opening up in four tile motifs. The ceramic is excellent, colours are crisp and consistent, some tiles display groutable small chips and edge nibbles.

A tile of this heritage not only graced turn of the century Maison Maître but could be found in public buildings of exceptional refinement. In the latter instance one fine example is the art nouveau masterpiece of The Ursulinen School in Waver, Belgium and we have included photographs in the gallery of this same floor laid in one of the schools corridors. A google search of the school will reveal plentiful detail and photographs of this exceptional building.

There are the original same size border tiles available with this floor although the quantities available are not the same, so we make the smaller run of the red themed borders an option. The larger quantity of vegetal white band borders is sold with the floor. We would of course be happy to advise on using both borders as it is not imperative that they are laid alongside each other, there could be options for features or statements in your floor area.

The floor surface totals between 15.7m2 and 17.8m2 / 169 sq ft and 192 sq ft.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 430 – 12.7m2 / 137 q ft
Border ‘Vegetal/white band’ – 103 inc 3 corners – 3m2 or 17.5 linear metres / 57.4 linear ft
Border ‘Red’ – 73 inc 3 corners – 2.1m2 or 12.4 linear metres / 40.7 linear ft

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²