Beautiful and unusual clover themed antique ceramic floor

Reclaimed complete, this small 5.5m2 / 60 sq ft antique ceramic floor, lifted from the bathroom of a townhouse close to Namur in southern Belgium, has a clover theme evident on both its field tile and its same size border tiles. The same size border tiles, 14cm square and 15mm thick, are framed top and bottom by a half size border tile measuring 14cm x 7cm. The full contingent of border corner tiles for both border series are available.

Despite being recovered from a house in Belgium the floor is in fact French having been manufactured at the beginning of the twentieth century by the award winning ceramic producer, Sand & Cie, Feignies, pres Maugeuge, France, who were winning awards for their superb tiles as long ago as 1878. We have included scans of the Sand & Cie. catalogue showing the presentation of the tiles with the same large border series. Pre-internet days the catalogue itself looks a work of art!

We have laid out a random section of around 1.5m2 of the floor and the high resolution photographs below show an excellent ceramic and a tile that has cleaned superbly; colours are good and there is no surface wear. It is in excellent condition for a floor well over 100 years old.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 172 - 3.4m2 / 36.3 sq.ft

Large Border tiles - 55 plus 4 corners - 1.16m2 / 12.5 sq ft or 8.26 linear metres or 27 linear feet

Small Border tiles - 98 plus 8 corners - 1m2 / 10.6 sq. ft or 13.9 linear metres or 45.5 linear feet

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Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²