8m2 antique French ceramic with back to back borders

An 8m2+ / 86 sq ft antique ceramic encaustic floor, complete with its original same size back to back border tiles. There are three exterieur corner pieces and four internal corner pieces, so one will require to be mitre cut. The floor has been reclaimed from the entrance hall of a small town close to Namur, Belgium and dates between 1900-1905.

This is a beautifully tessellating floor in a geometric repetition of diamonds and a central vegetal bordered motif. The palette is excellent for distributing light; sky blue, light grey, green and burgundy are bedded on an off-white fond and the flowing bow double borders take from the same palette. Delicate in design it is also classical, unmistakenly French and the styling an endorsement of the French expression that 'less is more'. The floor has been cleaned of its old lime-based mortar to the backs and sides and years of old wax and dirt has been removed from their faces. The tiles are in good condition; small edge nibbles and the occasional small chips can be seen on some but all groutable and the ceramic is excellent.

14cm sq and +/-15mm thick, the tiles have been highly fired and as such are excellent conductors and retainers of heat allowing for efficient use with under-floor heating systems. Once laid they do not require sealing and only a regular wash to maintain their beauty.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles – 220 - 4.3m2

Large border tiles* – 188 plus 4 internal and 3 external border corners

* Borders laid as a single tile lay = 13.4 linear metres+ / 44 linear feet

* Borders laid as a back to back tile lay = 26.8 linear metres / 88 linear feet

An example of a previous clients installation of the same tile, in a different palette but same borders shown in a single lay, can be found by clicking here

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Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²