8m2 to 10m2 antique ceramic floor with beautiful patina c.1870

An antique ceramic French floor totalling 10m2 / 108 sq. ft. in a cool palette of greys, charcoal and white.

The principal field tiles, 16cm square, have been reclaimed from an old Pharmacy in the Burgundy village of Verdun-Sur-Le-Doubs and open out in a classical tessellation across two repeating motifs.

Now fully restored and ready to relay these handmade tiles display a beautiful antique patina, as can be seen in the photographs of a random section of c.1m2. Owing to their handmade production there is subtle variation in tones, slip depth and motif detail and owing to their age, close to 150 years old, some tiles display small edge nibbles or small groutable chips but all have been quality controlled and at 15mm thick these are a quality ceramic. The tiles are reverse stamped and were produced by Duboc-Decaux-Forges-les-Eaux, a company active in ceramic encaustic tile production around 1870.

A highly fired tile it can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

There are 308 field tiles available, totalling 8m2 and the tiles are offered with the option of an ornate French Maubeuge 15cm sq border tile in a complimentary palette, for which 85 tiles, 1.9m2, are available.