A 7.6m2 antique French ceramic in cool tones c.1910-1920

A fully restored French ceramic floor with its original border tiles reclaimed from the reception room of a house dated 1910-1920 in the north eastern suburb of Bondy, Paris.

Of a geometric theme, the principal 14.5cm square field tile, in a palette of dove grey, charcoal, off-white and mid-blue tessellates to form an alternating star linked design in one corner and an interlocking blue square in the other. The borders take from the same palette with the double-laid small border also using the same star theme. 

The floor has cleaned very well, as the high resolution photographs of a random section show; the ceramic is of excellent quality, colours are consistent and strong and aside the occasional edge nibbles and small chips on a small number of tiles expected of a floor over 80 years old it is in excellent condition. Being ceramic, the 15mm thick tiles can be laid with under-floor heating systems as they are superb retainers and distributors of heat and given that they are a highly fired tile they are impervious to high summer and sub-zero winter temperatures and can therefore be laid inside or outside of the home. The ceramic is fine and dense and the tiles do not need sealing once laid as a regular wash it all that is needed to retain their beauty.

The floor totals 7.6m2 / 81.8 sq ft.

Tiles quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 270 -  5.7m2

Large border tiles - 42 plus 4 corner tiles - 1m2 or 6.7 linear metres / 21.9 linear feet

Small border tiles - 80 plus 8 corner tiles - 0.9m2 or 12.2 linear metres / 40 linear feet





Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²