6m2 antique Belgian ceramic floor with triple borders

A truly unique floor recently reclaimed from a house in Gembloux, Belgium and manufactured by Societe Anonyme AMAY (Belgique) in the 1920-1930's. The tiles, which are reverse stamped 'A' consist of its bold field tile framed by a fluid faux-mosaique large border, top and tailed by a half size border tile. The tiles are 14cm sq, 15mm thick and are in a cool palette of grey, cream, sky blue with some green evident in the large border.

The total surface area is 6m2 / 66 sq ft.

The floor has cleaned excellently revealing a good quality ceramic and slip. A small number of tiles display small chip or edge nibbles, all groutable, and the photographs in the gallery are of a random section of the floor. Six small border corner tiles are present, requiring two be made from free border rejects we will provide. The large border corner is in effect a common border as can be seen from the photographs, so there are no potential issues with tracing the border around a room beyond a standard rectangle or square.

Being a highly fired tile it will work superbly with underfloor heating systems in a bathroom, kitchen or bathroom as well as being resistant to sub zero temperatures, so options for an exterior lay as a garden path, on a patio, in a conservatory all present options.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 175 - 3.5m2 / 37.7 sq.ft

Large Border tiles - 65 - 1.3m2 / 14 sq.ft or 9.1 linear metres / 30 linear feet

Small Border tiles - 132 - 1.3m2 / 14 sq. ft or 18.2 linear metres / 60 linear feet


Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²