4m2+ / 43 sq ft of French carreaux de ciments 1970-80's

These large and heavy carreaux de ciment tiles are 20cm sq., 2cm thick, 1.5kgs each in weight and are reversed stamped Societe des Agglomeres de l'Est, Maxilly.  Maxilly-sur-Saone being a small town some 20 miles east of the Burgundian city of Dijon, France.

A unique tile, and one in a style we have never come across before, both the design and palette of tangerine, black, grey and white point to the mid 1970's - mid 1980's for their production.

In 1986 the tiles were lifted from the floor of their home in Belmont, Haute Marne and simply stored. We have now professionally cleaned them of their old mortar and wax and they arrive ready to relay.

This is a bold and funky tile embracing all that was unique of the decade and one that would demand to be the hero in its space.

Carreaux de ciments tiles are a cured rather than fired tile. This means once produced in two tile batches by hand they were simply left to harden over time, usually in a damp room to slow their drying and to ensure no small cracks would appear. They have a surface porosity similar to terracotta and for that reason they are only suitable for indoor use as sub zero freezing and thawing would damage the tiles. Once laid, they should be sealed as this prevents staining and allows for low maintenance cleaning. Sealants are clear, painted on, do not change the aspect of the tile and are low cost. We can provide advice on laying and what sealants to purchase.

100 tiles, totalling 4m2 / 43 sq ft. plus free rejects for use as halves and cuts.




Floor Size: 
To 5m²