4.7m2 classical Sand & Cie French ceramic floor c.1900

A classical antique ceramic encaustic floor recovered from an annex building of a large house in the city of Lille, northern France, currently being developed into a music recording studio. 

The main field tiles were manufactured c.1900 by Sand & Cie, Feignies and we have included in the gallery scans from their period catalogue in our possession showing the original presentation of the tiles.

The floor comes with its original domino themed half size borders. Being handmade in small batches there is some tonal variation in the tiles, all adding to their unique patina and charm; the domino borders can be a charcoal and a dark aubergine, the field tiles can be an offwhite and a cream and we have taken a random section of the floor to photograph, as it is representative of the whole.

Again, there is subtle variation in the size of the main field tile. They are 154mm sq, 155mm sq and 156mm sq. A tiler would be able to compensate for this when laying the floor, as the original tiler did, but we can split the two lots as quantified below if that is desired. The main field tiles are a thick ceramic at c.20mm thick and the borders c.15mm / 17mm thick.

The tiles are in good condition, some bearing edge nibbles and small chips expected of an antique ceramic over 100 years old but all of which are groutable and being ceramic encaustic and highly fired the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home. 

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD 154mm - 150 tiles - 3.6m2

FIELD 155mm/156mm - 25 tiles - 0.6m2

HALF BORDERS - 41 tiles  - 0.46m2 or 6.2 linear metres



Floor Size: 
To 5m²