4.7m2 / 50 sq ft + of antique French black and cream ceramic tiles - c.1910

4.7 m2+ of antique French ceramic black and cream tiles 15.8 cm square and c.1.5cm thick, originally laid in a classical 'damier', or chessboard, configuration. The tiles, which are in excellent condition, have been reclaimed from the entrance hallway of a town house in the Lorraine region of eastern France, close to the German border. A photograph of them in-situ, pre-lifting, is below as are some high resolution photographs of a small but representative sample of the floor.

The black tiles are reverse marked Utzschneider & Ed.Jaunez and the cream tiles CGCB Pont Ste. Maxence (CGCB is an abbreviation of Compagnie Generale de la Ceramique du Batiments or Cerabati for short, an amalgamation of several tile producers in France). Both tiles herald from Sarreguemines, a commune in the Moselle department of France.

Arriving cleaned and ready to relay the tiles can be laid either in the home or outside, on a patio or garden path. They will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems and require nothing more than a regular wash to keep them clean and stain free.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Black - 130 (2.9m2)

Cream - 80 (1.8m2)

TOTAL 4.7m2

Plus free tile rejects for use as halves and offcuts

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To 5m²