4.25m2 - Beautiful handmade Boch Freres ceramic floor tiles - late 19th Century

A small, 4.25m2 / 45 sqft beautiful antique ceramic encaustic floor manufactured by Boch Freres Maubeuge in the late 19th century. Following their professional cleaning these 17cm square / 6 1/2 inch handmade tiles reveal an exquisite time aged patina that encompasses everything an antique tile should be; a quality ceramic with a deep slip, small capilliary cracks produced at the moment of their leaving the kiln, edge nibbles, colour variation owing to their handmade batch production and a surface relief that makes each tile individual.

The palette is warm and the design stongly geometric they have been reclaimed from the bathroom of a house in the cathedral city of Amiens. The tiles are unglazed and we think would look particularly attractive with a waxing, allowing the full lustre and colours of the tiles to be seen. 

Being a ceramic encaustic tile and highly fired they can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work with underfloor heating systems. 

Total tiles - 150

34 tiles per m2

Floor Size: 
To 5m²