42.5m2 / 460 sqft exquisitely detailed ceramic encaustic floor c.1905

 An exquisitely ornate and indulgent ceramic encaustic floor of flowers, petals and ribbons on a fond of sky blue. The tiles are reverse marked CPRS and date c.1905. Both the brush line detailing and the sheer surface area for an antique floor of this age are impressive. The floor has been reclaimed from twin downstairs rooms of a Maison Maitre in Charleroi, Belgium and is complete with its original double border tile layout.

The 15cm sq tiles are a good ceramic encaustic, which have cleaned well of old lime based mortar and wax. We have laid the floor out in a classical four tile tessellation but as can be seen in one of the photographs the superb geometry of the design lends itself to others and the main field tile also fits as the corner junction for the borders, so tracing around chimney’s, stairs etc. with a border presents limitless opportunities.

A stunning period floor to grace any very large room or a conservatory bathed in light. Being ceramic encaustic it could also be laid outside on a patio or, for the very indulgent, as a base for a swimming pool!

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD – 1,490M
plus offcuts to c.46m2

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