3m2 of egg yolk yellow carreaux de ciments tiles

3m2+ of egg yolk yellow carreaux de ciments floor tiles with a marbled surface finish. The tiles were relaimed along with two antique floors recovered from a house in Epinac, Burgundy, France. We don't think they have ever been laid although one or two bear chips. They are in an egg yolk yellow, 16cm sq and have a surface 'marbled' finish as the photographs show. We have actually used some of the tiles in our own home, in a toilet, along with an antique Boch Freres tile ,17cm square, which has been laid as a central run in the floor. A photograph is below.

We think the tile could work well with an antique 17cm ceramic Perusson tile we have available, two photographs for which are below, either again as a central run or as a border frame around the floor. Other options of different palettes for small numbers of antique floor tiles to work within the floor are available if you give us an indication of the colours and style you are interested in.

The tiles will need sealing once relaid to protect them against any staining over years to come. The clear paint on sealant is low cost and easy to apply.

Tile quantities:-

Yellow carreaux de ciments - 115

Perusson ceramic tiles* - 29 plus  (5 linear metres / 16.5 ft) 

*plus free chipped tiles for cuts

Floor Size: 
To 5m²